Founded 1839

Upmarket outfitters for British country and city clothing and accessories for men and women.

Cordings History

Cordings, a British clothing brand, lost its Regent Street side and Air Street workshops in the 1920s due to a new office development. Despite the tough economic times, Cordings evolved its collection and established its core items, including the Covert Coat and Tweed Jackets.

The company refused to compromise its British manufacturing and remained dedicated to creating exclusive collections. In 1971, the business was acquired by University Motors and was neglected as the car business declined.

In 1986, Hackett was invited to sell their country brand in the store and in 1991, the premises expanded. The Princess Royal visited the store in 1998 in her role as President of the British Clothing Export Council.

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Style and Occasion


Where do Cordings manufacture?

Cordings are partially manufactured in Britain.

Cordings also manufacture in Europe



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