How can I meet the criteria to be added to the directory?

  • Designed, source and manufactured atleast a portion of your products in the UK.
  • Design and manufacture fashionable Mens or Womens clothing
  • Be an established clothing or shoe brand.
  • Have your own website where your products can be purchased by the public.

What is an established brand?

An established clothing or shoe brand refers to a company or label that has gained recognition, built a reputation, and achieved a significant presence within the fashion industry. These brands typically have a history of successful operations, a loyal customer base, and a strong market presence. They often have a well-defined brand identity, established design aesthetics, and a consistent product quality.

What about Makers? (Independents, Tailorers, Sewers etc)

At current, the directory is explicitly for established brands.

What is the difference between a maker and a established brand?

A maker refers to an individual or small-scale entity involved in creating or producing goods, often with a focus on craftsmanship and artisanal techniques. They are typically independent and may be involved in every aspect of the production process, from designing to manufacturing.

An established brand, refers to a well-known and recognized company or label that has gained a significant presence in the market. Established brands have typically built a reputation over time and often have larger-scale production capabilities. They may have a wider distribution network, brand recognition, and a more extensive product range.

I can see some brands in the directory that look like “Makers”

There’s a fine line between the two, everyone starts off small, brands our added at my discretion and judgement.

Will you add makers to your directory?

Most likely, in the future, when I beleive the brand directory is nearing completion.

Does it cost anything to add my brand to the British Made Clothing directory?


How do you create revenue?

I don’t, there’s no revenue associated with this project, it’s a hobby.

How do you find the brands to add to the British Made Clothing directory?

The same way you do, Googling, searching through Directories and Social media.

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