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Welcome to British Made Clothing, a leading directory dedicated to clothing and shoe brands that proudly manufacture their products in the United Kingdom. Our platform is designed to showcase and promote the outstanding craftsmanship and quality associated with supporting British-made goods.

Founded in May 2023 by Rory Ferguson, a passionate web developer with a deep appreciation for both British-made products and quality fashion, this website project emerged from a place of frustration. While searching for British-made clothing and shoe brands, Rory encountered various challenges:

  • Outdated and poorly designed directory websites (though we appreciate the effort put into cataloging British-made products).
  • Directory websites that list British brands without considering the “Made in British” criteria.
  • Directory websites that combine both clothing manufacturing and brand listings.
  • Numerous companies emphasizing their British heritage without actually manufacturing their products in the UK.
  • Brands appearing in top search results for British Made Clothing despite not producing their items in the UK.
  • The time-consuming and tedious process of verifying each company’s manufacturing location.

At British Made Clothing, our goal is to establish a reliable and user-friendly resource for individuals seeking authentic British-made fashion. Our directory goes beyond mere brand listings; it provides a comprehensive platform where consumers can discover and connect with the finest British-made brands. We meticulously curate our listings, ensuring that each brand can be filtered by style/occasion, product type, and gender.

Furthermore, we are committed to promoting ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. We celebrate brands that prioritise locally sourced materials, fair wages, and environmentally conscious production methods. By supporting British-made clothing and shoe brands, you not only contribute to the growth and sustainability of the UK fashion industry but also become part of a movement towards responsible and mindful consumerism.

Thank you for choosing British Made Clothing. Explore our directory, discover remarkable brands, and join us in celebrating the excellence of British craftsmanship and style.

Supporting Local

Discover the Best of British Fashion

We believe that supporting local businesses and artisans is crucial for sustaining the economy and preserving British Made Clothing, we aim to raise awareness of the quality and expertise that is embedded in British fashion.

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