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United Overalls is a brand that specialises in crafting high-quality denim jeans using English Woven Selvedge Denim.

United Overalls History

United Overalls, led by founder and owner Tom Burke, is committed to creating premium denim jeans. They utilize English Woven Selvedge Denim and manufacture their products in North London.

Tom’s experience in Denim stores across London inspired him to establish his own brand, drawing inspiration from early 20th Century designs. Their goal is to produce jeans that exhibit the same craftsmanship as Japanese Masters while remaining practical for everyday life in London.

By sourcing materials from Lancashire and employing meticulous attention to unique details during construction, United Overalls strives to deliver uncompromising quality. They prioritize environmental sustainability by sourcing locally in the UK and aim to offer premium products without the drawbacks often associated with fashion labels.

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United Overalls


Where do United Overalls manufacture?

United Overalls manufacture their products in North London.



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