Founded 1875

Tusting is a British family-owned company that specialises in crafting luxury leather bags and accessories.

Tusting History

Often, we don’t give much thought to the origin of our everyday essentials, such as our trusty work briefcase or favorite handbag. However, TUSTING is different as our customers appreciate the heritage of our name and the quality of our products. Our family is committed to crafting exquisite leather bags that will bring joy for years to come.

Let’s dive into our story. It all began in the 1870s with the advent of the sewing machine, which revolutionized the shoemaking industry. Charles Pettit saw an opportunity and founded a tannery that became a British leather dynasty. His daughter Elizabeth married a local merchant, John Tusting, and they had a son, Jack, who also grew up in the family leather business.

However, Jack’s world was disrupted when he enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I, and upon returning home, he found his grandfather’s tannery had been sold. Despite this setback, Jack fulfilled his lifelong dream of establishing his own state-of-the-art tannery in his hometown.

TUSTING faced challenges during the 1970s recession when shoemakers moved operations to the Far East, and the business had to adapt to survive. The survival plan involved leveraging the company’s expertise to import the best leather from overseas for successful domestic shoe brands and manufacturing their own premium leather goods.

Today, with Charles Pettit’s great-great-grandson leading the company, TUSTING is a global name in luxury leather goods. Our workshop in Lavendon is located in the heart of England’s leather country and has employed generations of leather experts.

Every bag we sell becomes a part of its owner’s story, a signature piece that, with proper care, will only become more beautiful over time and is often passed down to the next generation. Alistair, our head of finance, production management, and product design, joined the family business in 1990 after working in product design for Black and Decker. Gillian, our brand and customer relations manager, ensures that our customers’ experience remains true to our brand’s values and qualities.

So, whether it’s a trusty work briefcase or a favorite handbag, TUSTING’s exquisite leather bags are crafted with passion and experience, making them a wonderful investment designed to bring delight for a lifetime.

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Where do Tusting manufacture?

Tusting manufacture their products in Lavendon, Buckinghamshire.



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