Thomas Fortin

Founded 2020

Thomas Fortin specialises in creating and offering hand-finished men’s accessories, including silk ties, opera scarves, trouser braces, and pocket squares.

Thomas Fortin History

In today’s society, we find ourselves confronted by a pervasive wave of casual and ordinary comfort. The decline of refined style has been a gradual process since the 1960s, and the recent pandemic has dealt a final blow to the world of impeccably tailored men’s fashion.

Thomas Fortin nostalgically reflects on the early 20th century, a time when every occasion warranted dressing up. We enthusiastically embrace the elegant days of the past and aspire to gently steer men away from the prevailing culture of relaxed athleisure attire. We encourage you to dress to leave a lasting impression—not only on the world and those around you, but also on yourself. Let’s revel in the delight of captivating crowds with flawless outfits, transforming more days into extraordinary red-carpet-worthy experiences. With that in mind, we invite you to join the distinctive group of individuals who dare to stand out, embracing your inner dapper and living each day as the protagonist of your own story.

The conception of Thomas Fortin Menswear began as an unrealized dream, until the events of 2020 brought it to life. Co-founders Andy Thomas and Neil Fortin had long discussed the idea of turning their passion into their own business venture. When everything came to a halt in March of 2020, the stillness provided them with the opportunity to develop their concepts. Understanding the importance of meticulous attention to detail, they dedicated themselves to creating top-quality men’s accessories crafted by the finest weavers, printers, and artisans that the U.K., with its esteemed tradition in classic menswear, has to offer.

Today, Thomas Fortin proudly presents imaginative custom designs on meticulously crafted accessories, including silk ties, opera scarves, trouser braces, and pocket squares. Each piece is carefully made from exquisite fabrics woven, printed, and produced in England.

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Thomas Fortin


Where do Thomas Fortin manufacture?

Thomas Fortin manufacture their products in England.



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