The Bradford Sock Company

Founded 2016

The Bradford Sock Company is a UK-based company that produces durable and exceptionally warm boot socks.

The Bradford Sock Company History

Nestled within one of West Yorkshire’s oldest surviving mills, once owned by the esteemed Sir Titus Salt, lies a dedicated room where high-quality socks are meticulously manufactured.

While our mill proudly exhibits the architectural traits of a nearly two-century-old structure, our sock department boasts state-of-the-art machinery that embodies the latest advancements in the industry.

Although our machines are modern, our socks are crafted in the time-honored tradition of a proper, well-made sock. Our primary focus lies in men’s boot socks, predominantly crafted from wool with a touch of nylon for enhanced durability. We produce limited quantities of each color combination before transitioning to a new design. While most of our socks maintain a consistent style, the color variations offer a delightful array of choices.

Occasionally, we introduce unique designs, such as cushioned foot socks or thinner socks suitable for everyday wear.

If you seek a blend of traditional charm and contemporary convenience, explore our collection of machine-washable socks. These retain the timeless appeal of a classic sock while granting you the ease of machine laundering. For those in need of exceptionally durable socks that require a touch more care, we still offer our original classic socks, which are best hand washed.

At our mill, we take pride in producing socks that seamlessly blend the heritage of fine craftsmanship with the practicality demanded by modern lifestyles.

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The Bradford Sock Company


Where do The Bradford Sock Company manufacture?

The Bradford Sock Company manufacture their products in Bradford.



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