Tender Co.

Founded 2009

Tender Co. is a British clothing brand that creates high-quality, heritage-inspired garments with a focus on craftsmanship, durability, and sustainability.

Tender Co. History

Tender Co. is a British clothing brand known for its high-quality, heritage-inspired garments. Founded by William Kroll in 2009, Tender Co. draws inspiration from the history of workwear and utilitarian clothing.

The brand’s story began when Kroll, a former antique dealer, decided to combine his passion for vintage clothing with his expertise in sourcing unique fabrics and materials. He sought to create clothing that captured the spirit of traditional workwear while incorporating modern craftsmanship.

Tender Co.’s early collections showcased Kroll’s meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to using only the finest materials. Each garment was carefully designed and constructed, with an emphasis on durability and authenticity. The brand quickly gained recognition for its exceptional quality and distinctive aesthetic.

Throughout the years, Tender Co. expanded its range to include a variety of garments, including denim jeans, jackets, shirts, knitwear, and accessories. Each piece reflected the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship, featuring intricate stitching, hand-finished details, and natural materials.

One notable aspect of Tender Co.’s approach is their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The brand emphasizes transparency in its supply chain and prioritizes sourcing materials from environmentally responsible suppliers. They also strive to support local artisans and manufacturers, furthering their commitment to sustainability and community.

Tender Co.’s success and reputation grew steadily, attracting a loyal following of customers who appreciated their timeless designs and commitment to quality. The brand has collaborated with other like-minded companies, such as Japanese denim mills, to create unique limited-edition pieces.

Today, Tender Co. continues to produce thoughtfully crafted garments that pay homage to the history of workwear. Their collections reflect a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, appealing to individuals who appreciate both heritage-inspired fashion and sustainability. With its strong focus on quality, attention to detail, and ethical practices, Tender Co. remains a prominent figure in the world of modern heritage clothing.

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Where do Tender Co. manufacture?

Tender Co. manufacture their products in small factories, ateliers, and homes around the country.



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