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SIRPLUS is a British clothing brand that repurposes surplus fabrics to create sustainable, stylish garments. They specialise in upcycling materials and reducing waste in the fashion industry.


SIRPLUS is a British clothing brand founded by Henry Hales in 2010. The brand’s concept emerged from Hales’ desire to create a sustainable fashion label that repurposes surplus and excess fabrics from the textile industry. The name “SIRPLUS” is a play on words, combining the term “surplus” with the honorific “Sir,” representing the brand’s commitment to upcycling and reusing materials.

The journey of SIRPLUS began when Hales, while studying for his master’s degree at the London College of Fashion, discovered a surplus of high-quality fabric in a factory. Recognizing the potential of these unused materials, he decided to transform them into unique garments. Hales started by creating a line of boxer shorts using surplus shirt fabrics, a concept that quickly gained popularity.

Driven by the positive response and the mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry, Hales expanded the SIRPLUS product range to include other clothing items, such as shirts, jackets, and accessories. Each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, combining classic British design with a sustainable ethos.

SIRPLUS gained recognition for its innovative approach to fashion and commitment to sustainability. The brand’s upcycled garments are not only environmentally friendly but also showcase a distinct style that resonates with conscious consumers. By repurposing surplus fabrics, SIRPLUS helps minimize the impact of textile waste on the environment.

Over the years, SIRPLUS has collaborated with notable partners and organizations to further promote sustainable fashion. They have worked with Liberty London, renowned for its distinctive prints, to create limited-edition collections, combining Liberty’s iconic fabrics with SIRPLUS’ signature style.

Additionally, SIRPLUS has participated in initiatives supporting social causes. For example, they collaborated with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, to release a collection with a portion of the proceeds donated to the organization.

As the brand grew, SIRPLUS opened physical retail stores in London, allowing customers to experience their unique products firsthand. They also established an online presence, making their sustainable fashion accessible to a wider audience.

Today, SIRPLUS continues to champion sustainability and craftsmanship. They remain committed to repurposing surplus fabrics, reducing waste, and creating timeless clothing that merges style and sustainability. Through their innovative approach, SIRPLUS has become a prominent player in the sustainable fashion movement, inspiring consumers and other brands to prioritize ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

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SIRPLUS manufacture their products in London.



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