Ross Oliver

Founded 2020

Ross Oliver shoes blend traditional handcrafted techniques with sustainable cactus leather to create a unique, exclusive look. With a focus on quality and durability, they rival top UK footwear brands.

Ross Oliver History

Ross Oliver Saunders established Ross Oliver in Bristol in December 2020, near the Clifton suspension bridge, which inspired the brand’s debut loafer. Ross conceived the idea of launching a footwear brand during his final year at university in 2017, after having unpleasant experiences with popular “designer” shoe labels. Despite studying for his BSc degree, he devoted his spare time to learning about footwear, with the goal of creating and wearing his own pair to his graduation ceremony.

After successfully graduating and making his own pair of shoes for the ceremony, Ross discovered his passion for shoe design and production, which led to the formation of Ross Oliver Footwear.

In 2019, Ross Oliver’s inaugural design, the ‘Bridge-bit Loafer’, was unveiled as a concept design, showcasing expert craftsmanship, originality, and a unique design aesthetic. This loafer immediately gained attention from local and national media and received recognition from the industry. Following its initial success, the concept design was refined before its official launch in July 2021.

Today, all Ross Oliver products are made using traditional handcrafted footwear techniques, utilizing high-quality and sustainable cactus leather, with a focus on producing premium footwear that can rival some of the UK’s leading shoe brands. With a distinctive design philosophy, combining elements from some of history’s most iconic footwear styles with contemporary touches, Ross Oliver offers a level of exclusivity that is difficult to find elsewhere.

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Ross Oliver


Where do Ross Oliver manufacture?

Ross Oliver manufacture their products in Bristol.



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