Ratcatcher is a Yorkshire-based brand that has been delivering high-quality country clothing for over 50 years. They take pride in their craftsmanship, manufacturing in Yorkshire and designing exclusive tweeds.

Ratcatcher History

Ratcatcher is a renowned brand in the country clothing market, known for its exceptional quality products. With a history spanning over 50 years, the brand takes inspiration from innovators and individuals who strive to surpass expectations. They value resilience, optimism, and determination, avoiding complacency.

The Ratcatcher brand places a strong emphasis on quality in every aspect of their work, prioritising both the quality of materials and the overall quality of life. They take pride in manufacturing their products in Yorkshire, utilizing skilled artisans who blend modern technology with their years of expertise. The brand is committed to supporting local craftsmanship and preserving traditional tailoring skills.

One of Ratcatcher’s unique features is their exclusive tweed fabric, which is designed by their creative team in Yorkshire. When customers choose tweed clothing from Ratcatcher, they can expect the highest standards of quality and the assurance of wearing a unique and carefully crafted fabric.

In summary, Ratcatcher is a brand that has built a reputation for delivering top-quality products to the country clothing market. They prioritize excellence, craftsmanship, and local manufacturing in Yorkshire, and their exclusive tweed designs showcase their commitment to innovation and individuality.

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Where do Ratcatcher manufacture?

Ratcatcher manufacture their products in Yorkshire.

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