Peper Harow

Founded 2013

Peper Harow England is a luxury brand that specialises in producing high-quality socks, accessories, and clothing. Founded in 2013, the company takes inspiration from the British countryside and heritage to create timeless designs.

Peper Harow History

Peper Harow England is a quintessentially British brand that has been providing customers worldwide with the highest quality socks, luxury accessories, and exquisite gifts since 2013. Their unique and fashionable designs cater to the modern lifestyle of both men and women.

The brand takes inspiration from the Parish of Peper Harow in Surrey, known for its cricket heritage dating back to 1727.

Peper Harow England is passionate about sustainability and creates their socks in the UK using state-of-the-art knitting technology.

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Style and Occasion
Peper Harow


Where do Peper Harow manufacture?

Peper Harow manufacture their products in West Sussex.



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