Oxford Blue

Founded 1968

Oxford Blue is a premier European brand, specializing in affordable, high-quality lifestyle and country clothing with a focus on Classical Wax designs.

Oxford Blue History

Oxford Blue stands as one of Europe’s premier leisure brands, specializing in top-tier lifestyle and country clothing. Our reach spans across 17 European countries, firmly establishing us as leaders in the market. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative designs in Classical Wax, utilizing only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Since our inception in 1968, Oxford Blue has consistently manufactured high-quality clothing at accessible prices, showcasing a rich history of excellence.

Operating as a family business, we thrive in a fiercely competitive market, attributing our sustained success to total self-sufficiency. Our roots trace back to the historic days of Oxford, with its iconic buildings, renowned university, and world-famous boat race. It is upon this heritage that we have built an unparalleled reputation for quality distribution.

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Style and Occasion
Oxford Blue


Where do Oxford Blue manufacture?

Oxford Blue manufacture their products in Birmingham.

Oxford Blue are partially manufactured in Britain.



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