Noble and Wylie

Founded 2016

Noble & Wylie produce high quality, handmade leather and vegan leather footwear, custom ordered and crafted by hand in our Sheffield workshop.

Noble and Wylie History

Noble & Wylie, a company located in Sheffield, specializes in producing sustainable footwear for conscientious consumers who prioritize ethical choices. Guided by a deep environmental awareness and core design principles, the founder and skilled shoemaker, Kenneth, operates a workshop that aligns with his ethical values. His primary objective is to create exquisite and coveted footwear using premium materials, emphasizing their repairability and long-lasting quality.

Kenneth’s passion for his craft and commitment to sustainability developed after completing his studies in Fashion Design at Edinburgh College of Art. Over the past 16 years, he has focused on garment and product development, actively sourcing materials from Britain and Ireland, and supporting local manufacturing processes.

In response to the prevailing culture of consumerism and waste within the fashion industry, Kenneth has consistently emphasized the importance of product longevity, exceptional materials, and the ability to repair. In 2016, he collaborated with an established shoemaker in Sheffield, where he frequently encountered beloved shoes that had been brought back to the workshop after ten or fifteen years of use for resoling, reconditioning, and revitalization. Witnessing the impressive durability of these products and the profound satisfaction expressed by their owners, Kenneth assumed ownership of the workshop in 2017.

Noble & Wylie proudly carries forward this rich legacy, encompassing over four decades of meticulous design and expert craftsmanship, as it enters its next phase. Every pair of footwear is meticulously handcrafted using artisanal practices and traditional stitchdown construction methods.

The designs embody a refined, modern utilitarian aesthetic, paying subtle homage to the vintage styles that once graced British workshops. Ensuring comfort and timeless functionality, there is a strong emphasis on achieving a natural fit tailored to each individual customer.

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Noble and Wylie


Where do Noble and Wylie manufacture?

Noble and Wylie manufacture their products in Sheffield.



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