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My Overalls designs and creates unique, chic luxury overalls that offer both style and functionality.

My Overalls History

The Inspiration Behind My Overalls: A Tale of Style and Function

Vivienne Hegarty, the visionary behind My Overalls, found herself immersed in the world of renovations while managing the refurbishment of her Victorian property and other construction projects. As her everyday attire, she embraced the versatility and comfort of white bib and brace overalls.

A serendipitous incident occurred when her beloved overalls accidentally turned pink in the wash. This mishap sparked the idea for My Overalls—a unique, chic overall that combines impeccable style with unparalleled wearability. With a focus on preserving both fashion and functionality, Vivienne set out to create a luxury product that exudes elegance and is proudly crafted in the UK.

Collaborating with a team of highly skilled designers and manufacturers, My Overalls has forged a partnership with Manchester’s time-honored factory, renowned for its century-long expertise in cutting cloth and creating premium and luxury garments.

Today, Vivienne, alongside her husband Kevin, spearheads the business from their Suffolk base. Every My Overalls piece is lovingly designed and handcrafted, reflecting the passion and dedication that goes into their creation.

As you embrace the exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive allure of My Overalls, we hope you derive as much joy from wearing them as we derive from bringing them to life.

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My Overalls


Where do My Overalls manufacture?

My Overalls manufacture their products in Manchester.

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