Founded 1895

Montgomery coats is a British brand that specialises in high-quality wool coats. Established in 1895, they are known for their classic designs, attention to detail, and use of locally sourced materials.

Montgomery History

Montgomery Coats was founded in 1895 by Thomas Montgomery in the town of Dolgellau, Wales. The company initially produced workwear for local miners and farmers but later shifted its focus to woolen coats.

During World War I, Montgomery Coats supplied the British Army with their famous “Monty” coats, which were designed to withstand the harsh conditions of trench warfare. In the 1960s, the company moved its production to the town of Newtown, Powys, where it continues to operate today.

Montgomery Coats is still known for its high-quality wool coats, which are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials.

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Style and Occasion

England and Wales

Where do Montgomery manufacture?

Montgomery manufacture their products in England.



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