Founded 1892

Lochcarron of Scotland is the leading manufacturer and seller of authentic Scottish tartans and textiles.

Lochcarron History

Lochcarron of Scotland, the foremost producer of tartan worldwide, has a rich history that traces back to 1892. Our skilled artisans proudly create our fabric and products in Scotland. We engage in the entire process, from dyeing and warping to weaving, mending, and tailoring. You can explore our extensive collection of over 500 genuine Scottish tartans.

Established in 1892, Lochcarron of Scotland holds the prestigious title of being the leading global manufacturer of tartan. Our skilled craftspeople, both men and women, take immense pride in designing, dyeing, warping, weaving, mending, and tailoring our authentic Scottish tartans and textiles. With a timeless allure and worldwide recognition, Lochcarron of Scotland embodies the essence of Scottish textiles, offering unrivaled authenticity. From traditional kilts to high-fashion runways, we celebrate the art of traditional tartan fabric manufacturing while continuously innovating and creating bespoke designs for renowned international fashion houses.

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