Laird Hatters

Founded 2009

Laird Hatters handcrafts distinctive hats and caps for men and women, using the finest British fabrics.

Laird Hatters History

In 2009, Zofia established our company in the vibrant City of London, and soon after, Alex joined our team as the principal hat maker. During that same year, Laird Hatters proudly inaugurated its inaugural store, offering ready-to-wear headwear to the fashion-savvy Londoners. As time passed, our success led to the expansion of our business, resulting in the establishment of four stores in Central London, along with additional branches in Cambridge and, most recently, Oxford. Our creative team actively engages in collaborations with renowned British designers, showcasing our headwear at prestigious events such as London Fashion Week and London Collections: Men. Furthermore, we undertake bespoke headwear projects for clients and cater to the headwear needs of various TV shows and films.

At Laird Hatters, we meticulously handcraft hats and caps of exceptional quality for both men and women. Our unwavering commitment lies in sourcing the finest British fabrics and supporting local textile manufacturing. Each Laird hat exudes a sense of rich English and Scottish heritage with a contemporary twist. Our headwear stands out due to its remarkable fabric finishes, captivating color palettes, and impeccable craftsmanship. We strive for a sleek and sophisticated look, characterized by strong lines, deep hues, and bold statements.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with not only exceptional and stylish products but also excellent service, whether in our physical stores or online. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal, prompt, and informative experience to our customers. Laird Hatters is dedicated to ensuring that you look and feel great with our headwear.

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Laird Hatters


Where do Laird Hatters manufacture?

Laird Hatters manufacture their products in London.



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