Joseph Turner

Founded 1997

Beautifully tailored men’s shirts, handsome jackets, quality men’s knitwear and more.

Joseph Turner History

Joseph Turner’s journey began in Yorkshire over two decades ago with a vision to establish a trusted menswear store offering high-quality clothing in effortlessly stylish designs. Our strong ties to the Yorkshire landscape and lifestyle shape the essence of our collections and designs.

Our commitment to excellence starts with selecting the finest fabrics. We meticulously choose classic materials such as Scottish and Yorkshire woven tweed for our men’s tweed jackets, Oxford broadcloth for our range of button-down shirts, and locally sourced wool for our flannel and Cavalry twill trousers. Whenever possible, we prioritize sourcing from local mills and spinners to ensure the utmost quality. Our worsted wool is expertly woven in family-owned mills in the heart of Yorkshire, while our corduroy is supplied by Brisbane Moss of Lancashire. Family-run businesses in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire provide our men’s shoes and socks.

While we take pride in our local connections, we also extend our search for exceptional materials further afield. For instance, our casual cotton jersey wear hails from Portugal, renowned for generations for their expertise in cotton jersey fabrics. Our pure silk ties are crafted in China, where silk craftsmanship is second to none. Additionally, we source some of our premium pure cotton products from India, a global leader in cotton production and weaving.

Tradition serves as a wellspring of inspiration for us. We find solace in the familiarity of customs that have stood the test of time. From the functional button cuffs on our jackets and blazers to the thoughtful gussets in our formal shirts, we never compromise on craftsmanship. Embracing these traditional details ensures a sense of reliability and authenticity in our garments. With our unwavering commitment to quality, we curate a collection that transcends trends while remaining timeless and relevant.

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Joseph Turner


Where do Joseph Turner manufacture?

Joseph Turner manufacture their products in Yorkshire and other regions of Britain.

Joseph Turner are partially manufactured in Britain.

Joseph Turner also manufacture in Europe



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