J. Alex Swift

Founded 1895

J. Alex Swift specialise in producing high-quality socks.

J. Alex Swift History

J. Alex Swift Ltd was founded in 1895 by John Alexander Swift in the village of Hathern, where it remains situated to this day. Currently, the fourth generation of the Swift family oversees the flourishing sock dynasty. With a remarkable 120 years of knowledge and experience, we possess unparalleled expertise. Within the walls of our factory, a rich history resides, and while we cherish our traditions, we consistently strive for innovation.

This unwavering commitment has enabled us to maintain a respected position in the British hosiery industry for such a prolonged period. Nevertheless, certain aspects remain unchanged – our unwavering pride in our work, the exceptional quality of our products, and the satisfaction of our customers.

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J. Alex Swift


Where do J. Alex Swift manufacture?

J. Alex Swift manufacture their products in Hathern, Leicestershire.



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