Izzy Lane

Founded 2006

Izzy Lane pioneers ethical mens and womens fashion by rescuing sheep from slaughter for slaughter-free wool clothing.

Izzy Lane History

Izzy Lane is a pioneering ethical British fashion brand that not only produces stylish clothing but also advocates for animal welfare in the fashion industry. Founded in 2007, the brand rescued 700 sheep from slaughter, providing them a sanctuary to live out their natural lives in the peaceful Yorkshire Dales. These sheep, originally destined for the abattoir due to various reasons, became the source of the brand’s unique wool.

Izzy Lane plays a vital role in supporting the struggling British textile industry by piecing together a chain of processors, including the last remaining weavers, spinners, dyers, and button makers. The brand promotes traceability in the fashion industry, being the first-ever slaughter-free wool brand. The transformation of the rescued sheep’s wool into beautiful clothing not only sustains them but also helps revitalize traditional textile processes.

Apart from creating a distinctive fashion label, Izzy Lane serves as a powerful platform for raising awareness and campaigning for animal rights. The brand has received accolades, including multiple RSPCA Awards and the title of New Designer of the Year at the RE Awards, the world’s first ethical fashion awards. Izzy Lane has been featured in national and international press, showcased at prestigious fashion events like London Fashion Week, and even collaborated with Top Shop to display their slaughter-free wool coats on mannequins in Oxford Street.

In essence, Izzy Lane stands as a testament to the possibility of sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, proving that sheep can thrive without being part of the food industry.

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Izzy Lane


Where do Izzy Lane manufacture?

Izzy Lane manufacture their products in North East of England and Scotland.



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