HJ Hall

Founded 1882

HJ Hall is a British heritage brand established in 1882, specialising in high-quality socks and hosiery. They offer a wide range of products, from everyday basics to luxurious styles.

HJ Hall History

HJ Hall is a British heritage brand that has been producing high-quality socks for over 140 years. The brand was founded by John Hall, who started the business in 1882 with the goal of providing long-lasting, warm socks for the local farming community in Leicestershire. The first socks produced were pure Scottish wool, grey half-hose that were sold for 2s 7d for 2 dozen pairs.

As the years passed, HJ Hall Socks continued to evolve and develop. In 1958, the brand created its Indestructible™ sock line, which is still going strong today with a 12-month guarantee. The brand also produces a range of technical walking socks called ProTrek™, which are designed for extreme conditions and have been worn by teams racing across the Arctic in temperatures as low as -50°C.

One of the most popular ranges from HJ Hall is the Softop® line, which was developed in 1989 by Neville Hall, Honest John’s great-grandson. These socks were designed to minimize the problems caused by the tight elastic in other socks, and they feature three unique relaxation panels that contract vertically with a gentle grip to keep the socks up without leaving marks on the legs or restricting circulation. Softop® socks contain no elastic at all, making them ideal for wearers with poor circulation problems or diabetes. They are the only socks endorsed by The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and come with an unconditional 6-month guarantee of wear.

Today, HJ Hall is the largest independent British sock company as part of the Pantherella International Group. The brand produces a huge variety of socks, including fine socks for city gents, colorful fashion socks, and thermal walking socks. HJ Hall socks are known for their durability, comfort, and quality, making them a popular choice for men and women alike.

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HJ Hall


Where do HJ Hall manufacture?

HJ Hall manufacture their products in Leicestershire.



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