Founded 1866

Grenson is a British footwear brand that specialises in handcrafted leather shoes, boots and sneakers for men and women.

Grenson History

The history of Grenson Shoes dates back to 1866 when it was founded by William Green in Northampton, England. William Green was a skilled shoemaker who established his eponymous brand with a clear vision: to create high-quality footwear that blended exceptional craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing techniques.

Grenson quickly gained recognition for its commitment to excellence and became known as a pioneer in the shoemaking industry. In the late 19th century, the brand introduced the “Goodyear Welt” construction method, a groundbreaking technique that enhanced the durability and flexibility of the shoes. This construction method involved stitching the upper part of the shoe to a separate welt, which was then attached to the sole. This process allowed for easy resoling and contributed to the longevity of Grenson shoes.

Throughout the 20th century, Grenson continued to refine its craftsmanship and expand its product range. The brand gained popularity among discerning customers who appreciated the superior quality and timeless designs of Grenson shoes. Grenson’s reputation for producing durable and comfortable footwear grew steadily, cementing its status as a leading shoemaker in England.

In the 21st century, Grenson experienced a resurgence in popularity as the demand for heritage brands and traditional craftsmanship grew. The brand embraced this renewed interest while staying true to its heritage and maintaining its commitment to craftsmanship. Grenson expanded its offerings to include a wider range of styles, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Today, Grenson Shoes remains headquartered in Northampton, the heartland of British shoemaking. The brand continues to produce handcrafted shoes using time-honored techniques and premium materials. Each pair of Grenson shoes undergoes meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest level of quality and comfort. Grenson has also extended its global reach, with its shoes being sold and celebrated by discerning customers around the world.

Grenson’s legacy as a heritage shoemaker is reflected in its ability to seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. The brand’s commitment to quality, durability, and timeless style has made it a favorite among shoe enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine footwear. With over a century and a half of shoemaking expertise, Grenson continues to set the standard for exceptional British footwear.

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Grenson manufacture their products in Northamptonshire.



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