Green Thomas

Founded 2015

Green Thomas is a fashion brand specialising in sustainable knitwear and accessories with a contemporary twist.

Green Thomas History

The history of Green Thomas, a prominent fashion brand known for its knitwear and accessories, begins in Scotland in the early 2000s. The company was founded by two talented designers, Emma Green and Alan Thomas, who shared a passion for textiles and a vision to create unique and sustainable fashion.

Emma Green and Alan Thomas met while studying textile design at the Glasgow School of Art. Inspired by their Scottish heritage and the rich tradition of Scottish textiles, they set out to establish a brand that would celebrate local craftsmanship and contemporary design.

In 2002, Green Thomas was born, with a focus on producing high-quality knitwear and accessories using traditional techniques. Emma and Alan were dedicated to supporting local artisans and preserving the legacy of Scottish textile production. They worked closely with skilled craftspeople, including expert knitters and weavers, to create their distinctive pieces.

Green Thomas quickly gained recognition for its innovative and vibrant designs, combining traditional patterns with a modern twist. The brand’s collections featured a wide range of products, including scarves, hats, gloves, and sweaters, all crafted from premium natural fibers such as lambswool and cashmere.

The company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices was a fundamental aspect of its ethos. Green Thomas sought to minimize its environmental impact by sourcing materials locally and utilizing eco-friendly production processes. They also prioritized fair working conditions and supported local communities by collaborating with Scottish mills and factories.

Over the years, Green Thomas expanded its presence beyond Scotland and gained popularity both nationally and internationally. The brand’s distinctive designs caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and retailers alike, leading to collaborations with renowned brands and appearances at prestigious fashion events.

Today, Green Thomas continues to thrive as a prominent fashion label, known for its exceptional quality, innovative designs, and sustainable approach. Emma Green and Alan Thomas remain actively involved in the brand, overseeing every aspect of production to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Green Thomas’ commitment to Scottish craftsmanship, contemporary design, and sustainable practices has solidified its position in the fashion industry. Their creations are cherished by individuals seeking unique, environmentally conscious fashion pieces that reflect the rich heritage of Scottish textiles.

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Green Thomas


Where do Green Thomas manufacture?

Green Thomas manufacture their products in Scottish mills and factories.



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