Green Shoes

Founded 1981

A Dartmoor-based ethical footwear brand that sells sustainable shoes, sandals and boots made from natural materials. Founded in 1981, they prioritise fair trade practices and support artisan communities.

Green Shoes History

Green Shoes has a rich history that began in 1981 when a group of passionate young feminist women founded the company in Totnes, Devon. Their vision was to create durable and beautiful handmade shoes that would stand the test of time. From the very beginning, Green Shoes has been a collective and collaborative workplace run by women.

Ethical production has always been at the core of our business philosophy. Each and every product at Green Shoes is meticulously handcrafted by our team using the finest materials in our workshop located on Dartmoor, Devon. We design our shoes and accessories to be cherished and worn for many years, focusing on a simple, functional, and utilitarian aesthetic. We are proud to announce that our commitment to ethical standards has recently earned us a place among the top 15 shoemakers in the world, reflecting our dedication to sustainable and long-lasting fashion.

When people ask us what makes us “Green,” we proudly respond that our shoes are made right here in Devon, ensuring ethical production. Our footwear is repairable, extending its lifespan far beyond mass-produced alternatives, reducing the number of shoes ending up in landfills. The name “Green Shoes” was coined in 1981 in the environmentally conscious county of Devon, inspired by the Green Movement and the establishment of organizations like Greenpeace during that time.

Choosing to wear Green Shoes goes beyond making a fashion statement. It is a conscious decision to reject the global system of brand name mass-produced shoe manufacturing. We are shoemakers with a rebellious spirit, unapologetically committed to our craft.

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Green Shoes


Where do Green Shoes manufacture?

Green Shoes manufacture their products in Dartmoor.



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