Gaziano & Girling

Founded 2006

A British luxury footwear brand that designs and sells high-quality men’s shoes.

Gaziano & Girling History

Gaziano & Girling is a luxury British shoemaker founded in 2006 by Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling. Prior to starting the company, Gaziano worked for Edward Green and later as a bespoke shoemaker for Cleverley, while Girling trained at John Lobb and later worked for Edward Green. The two met while working together at Sargent’s, a bespoke shoemaker in London.

In 2006, Gaziano and Girling launched their own brand, with the goal of creating shoes that combined traditional English craftsmanship with modern design. They established their factory in Kettering, England, and began producing handcrafted shoes using a Goodyear welted construction method.

The brand quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the finest men’s shoes in the world, with their shoes being worn by discerning customers around the globe. In addition to their ready-to-wear line, Gaziano & Girling also offer a bespoke service, where customers can have shoes made to their exact specifications.

Today, Gaziano & Girling continues to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional shoemaking, while remaining committed to using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Their shoes are sought after by shoe enthusiasts and collectors, and the brand has become a symbol of British excellence in the luxury footwear industry.

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Gaziano & Girling


Where do Gaziano & Girling manufacture?

Gaziano & Girling manufacture their products in Kettering, Northamptonshire.



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