Gaucho Ninja

Founded 2015

Gaucho Ninja is a brand that creates high-quality, barefoot-style shoes and leather goods, emphasizing foot health, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Gaucho Ninja History

Gaucho Ninja was founded by Lisandro Serra Delmar in 2015 in Spain and later relocated to the UK in 2018 before relaunching in 2019. Lisandro, born in Spain to Argentinian parents, developed a passion for working with leather, inspired by his family’s background in leathercraft. His father made leather bags, and his great-grandfather was a saddler and gaucho (Argentinian cowboy). In 2007, Lisandro began making leather goods while traveling the world.

Gaucho Ninja focuses on creating high-quality shoes and leather goods with an emphasis on foot health. Lisandro’s martial arts background in Bujinkan/Ninjutsu and his admiration for Masaaki Hatsumi, the grandmaster of Bujinkan, influenced the brand’s name and philosophy. Gaucho Ninja aims to provide shoes that strike a balance between the freedom of walking barefoot and the protection offered by footwear. The brand utilizes barefoot-style soles that allow for sensory feedback while protecting the feet from sharp objects.

The leather used by Gaucho Ninja is sourced from artisan tanneries in Spain, employing traditional methods passed down through generations. The unique qualities of each piece of leather contribute to the individuality of their products. Gaucho Ninja values building personal relationships with their suppliers and ensures ethical sourcing by using by-product leather.

The craftsmanship of Gaucho Ninja products involves a combination of traditional hand tools and modern technology. The workshop in Herefordshire, UK, is dedicated to creating handmade items that reflect attention to detail and skill. The shoes are made with flexibility in mind, promoting natural foot movement and a wide toe box for comfort. Gaucho Ninja also offers bespoke shoe options, utilizing software and 3D printing technology to create custom shoe lasts.

In addition to their commitment to craftsmanship, Gaucho Ninja embraces ethical values. They promote natural footwear for foot health and aim to reconnect people with the natural world. The brand emphasizes sustainability by reducing waste, using environmentally friendly packaging, and reusing leather offcuts in local educational projects.

Through their dedication to quality, foot health, and sustainability, Gaucho Ninja strives to provide customers with beautiful, practical, and long-lasting leather goods while honoring traditional craftsmanship.

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Where do Gaucho Ninja manufacture?

Gaucho Ninja manufacture their products in England.



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