Fox Umbrellas

Founded 1868

Fox Umbrellas, est. 1868, crafts high-quality umbrellas, known for steel rib innovation and nylon covers since WWII. Family-run, epitomizing excellence.

Fox Umbrellas History

The history of Fox Umbrellas began in 1868 when Mr. Thomas Fox opened a shop in London, selling umbrellas. Around 1880, a significant manufacturing change occurred with the introduction of steel umbrella frames by Mr. Samuel Fox. The company continued to innovate and improve its products, eventually adopting the trademark ‘Paragon’ and becoming a leading producer of steel umbrella ribs.

During World War II, the company started using nylon instead of silk for umbrella covers. Over the years, Fox Umbrellas gained a global reputation and served esteemed customers, including royal families and notable personalities. In the 1980s and 1990s, the company expanded and eventually changed its name to Fox Umbrellas Ltd.

In recent years, the company maintained its tradition of handcrafted excellence and continued to produce high-quality umbrellas, with the process staying true to its roots. Despite changes, Fox Umbrellas remains a family-run business, committed to upholding its legacy of exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Fox Umbrellas


Where do Fox Umbrellas manufacture?

Fox Umbrellas manufacture their products in Surrey.



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