Founded 1997

Fortis is a clothing brand that specialises in producing durable and sustainable outerwear, including coats, jackets, smocks, and trousers.

Fortis History

Fortis, formerly known as Country Covers, was established as a result of farm diversification by founder Hugh Massy-Birch. It began with the production of personalized tyre covers and waterproof car seat covers, which were sold at Country Shows in the South West of England. As demand grew, specialised equipment was acquired to create designs for different vehicles, leading to increased production and the engagement of a manufacturer in Birmingham.

Hugh’s interest in durable textiles led him to invest in a military clothing company called Arktis, selling products to Special Forces and military groups worldwide. Drawing on his expertise, Hugh set up a manufacturing facility on the family farm, transforming an old lamb barn into a workshop and showroom, where Fortis is still located today. The company gained recognition for producing unique coats, jackets, smocks, and trousers using military-grade fabrics and waterproofing, catering to civilian needs.

In 2016, Hugh’s son Oliver Massy-Birch became the company director, marking the transition to the second generation of family ownership. During this time, Country Covers rebranded as Fortis to align with its purpose and future sustainability. This move proved successful, enabling Fortis to expand globally, exporting to countries like Japan, Germany, and Sweden. The company participates in trade shows across Europe, showcasing its products and establishing a customer base.

Fortis experienced significant growth, necessitating the recruitment of a skilled workforce. The company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and fostering a family-oriented community. In January 2020, Fortis launched its first collection, featuring exceptional craftsmanship, modern design, and innovative fabric technologies. Oliver’s commitment is to further expand the customer base and continue producing reliable, durable, and sustainable clothing.

Fortis encourages customer feedback and engagement through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email. They value customer experiences and adventures from around the world, contributing to the brand’s development. Fortis expresses gratitude to its customers for their ongoing support and looks forward to meeting them at country shows or at the showroom and factory located at Hartgrove Hill Farm, Axminster, Devon.

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Fortis manufacture their products in Devon.



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