Dick Winters

Founded 2014

Dick Winters is a British brand that specialises in producing quintessentially British boxer shorts for men.

Dick Winters History

Dick Winters is a British brand that specialises in producing high-quality luxury underwear for men. Their commitment lies in offering true quality and British craftsmanship to individuals who appreciate fine craftsmanship. From the very beginning, the brand has been driven by a mission to revive and support British manufacturing in a responsible and sustainable manner.

One of the core principles of Dick Winters is their dedication to sourcing materials locally and showcasing the exceptional British craftsmanship that exists within the country. Instead of seeking fabrics from abroad, they prioritize utilizing top-notch British woven fabrics available within the UK.

The brand takes pride in being a truly unique and distinctly British underwear brand. They celebrate a blend of classic, understated style with a touch of eccentricity and the renowned British sense of humor.

At Dick Winters, they deeply value their history and the skill base upon which they are built. They strive to promote their quintessential Britishness in all aspects of their designs. This includes using the finest quality materials, employing traditional techniques, and working with British factories that meet their stringent standards. Each item they produce is infused with the expertise and heritage of these factories, which have years of experience.

Furthermore, Dick Winters actively supports the preservation and growth of the skilled workforce in the industry. They collaborate with factories in Scotland and England, and have implemented successful apprenticeship programs. By doing so, they contribute to breathing new life into the industry and ensuring a prosperous future for British craftsmanship.

The brand aims to pioneer British craftsmanship by combining traditional techniques and heritage with cutting-edge technology. Their vision extends beyond the borders of the UK, as they strive to promote Genuinely British Attire globally. They aspire to play a role in exporting British craftsmanship once again and reinforcing the reputation of British-made products worldwide.

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Dick Winters


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Dick Winters manufacture their products in unknown.



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