CWT Clothing

Founded 1962

CWT Clothing manufacture clothing in Leicester. They sell quality hoodies and sweatpants.

CWT Clothing History

Karandeep Mattu, the founder of CWT, is the third generation of a family deeply rooted in Leicester’s textile industry. The city, known for its sweat, bricks, and textiles, once clothed the world, but over time, the industry lost its way. Karandeep Mattu aims to revive real manufacturing at CWT, emphasizing excellence, quality, and a genuine passion for the craft. Their vision includes a contented workforce, a highly skilled team, and a commitment to minimizing their ecological footprint.

The textile legacy began when Karandeep’s grandfather and his brother migrated from India in the 1960s and stumbled upon a sewing machine in a shed. Their humble beginnings laid the foundation for the family’s textile heritage, which intertwined with the lives of everyone involved. As a child, Karandeep spent his school holidays with cousins, playing amidst rolls of fabric. Friday afternoons meant accompanying the men to the pub, where they cautiously ordered pints to avoid their wives’ discovery. In this environment, Karandeep absorbed knowledge of every machine and gossiped about factory affairs. The line between the factory and personal life blurred.

Through these experiences, Karandeep realized that true manufacturing excellence extends beyond mere production and cheap imports. CWT’s purpose is to revive Leicester’s former glory, when the world sought hosiery, knits, and shoes from the city’s doorstep. Craftsmanship, expertise, and community lie at the heart of CWT’s ethos. Their aim is to create exceptional, enduring garments for their customers, products that age gracefully over the years while minimizing their environmental impact.

Ultimately, Karandeep envisions CWT as a catalyst for positive change. By bringing manufacturing back to Leicester and delivering the finest T-shirts and sweats, they aspire to transform the industry for the better, both locally and globally. Through their commitment to craftsmanship and their devotion to Leicester’s textile heritage, CWT aims to provide customers with a remarkable and sustainable clothing experience.

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CWT Clothing


Where do CWT Clothing manufacture?

CWT Clothing manufacture their products in Leicester.



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