Crown Northampton

Founded 1908

Established in 1908, they specialise in handcrafted shoes made from high-quality materials such as leather and suede. Their collection includes a range of styles, from classic Oxfords to contemporary sneakers.

Crown Northampton History

Northampton Shoes are synonymous with high-quality, handmade footwear. Crown Northampton, established in 1908, continues the town’s shoemaking traditions by combining traditional craftsmanship with the world’s best materials to create timeless designs.

With collections ranging from brogues to sneakers, Crown Northampton remains in fifth-generation family ownership, and all footwear is handmade to order in their Northampton factory.

The brand honours its shoemaking heritage and remains committed to combining the best materials with superior craftsmanship.

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Style and Occasion
Crown Northampton


Where do Crown Northampton manufacture?

Crown Northampton manufacture their products in Northampton.



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