Cravat Club

Founded 2014

Cravat Club create silk day cravats, neckties, scarves & pocket squares, expertly handcrafted in England, for the sartorially conscious and well-groomed gentleman.

Cravat Club History

Cravat Club was established in 2014 by Jenny, who returned to the UK from Japan with a passion for reviving the cravat. Frustrated by the lack of inspiring designs and poor quality options in the market, Jenny set out to create a brand that would offer exceptional quality, handcrafted cravats made in the UK.

With a focus on fresh and contemporary designs, Cravat Club aims to eliminate any outdated associations with the cravat and make it a stylish accessory for the modern man. Jenny believes that cravats deserve a wider audience and introduces a variety of edgy, colourful, and imaginative designs to attract men of all ages.

While staying true to tradition, Cravat Club also embraces modernity, offering a range of classic designs with a twist. The brand has experienced significant growth, expanding its product range and reaching customers in over 70 countries across 6 continents. Positive customer feedback on the quality and presentation of the products has reinforced the brand’s success.

In addition to cravats, Cravat Club has introduced woven and printed silk neckties, pocket squares, and silk evening scarves, catering to the style-conscious gentleman. The brand’s commitment to seasonal collections, limited quantities, and uncompromising quality has garnered a dedicated following.

Jenny encourages more men to try wearing a cravat, highlighting its comfort and versatility. The accessory can be worn in various ways for different occasions, allowing individuals to showcase their personal style.

Aside from Cravat Club, Jenny also launched Hidden Curiosities Gin in 2017, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for crafting unique products. With award-winning gin recipes, Jenny’s creativity and business acumen continue to drive her ventures forward.

Cravat Club and Hidden Curiosities Gin reflect Jenny’s unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous innovation, ensuring that each venture exceeds expectations.

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Cravat Club


Where do Cravat Club manufacture?

Cravat Club manufacture their products in England.



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