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Community Clothing is a British clothing brand founded in 2016 by Patrick Grant. They sell high-quality, timeless, and affordable clothes made in British factories, supporting local jobs and skills. Their mission is to create a sustainable

Community Clothing History

Community Clothing is a British brand that was founded by Patrick Grant in 2016. Patrick Grant, a British designer and television personality, is known for his passion for quality craftsmanship and traditional tailoring. His vision for Community Clothing was to create affordable, high-quality garments while supporting local manufacturing and minimizing waste.

The brand’s philosophy revolves around producing seasonless staples, the timeless and essential pieces that are found in everyone’s wardrobes. The goal was to design and engineer the best versions of these garments, focusing on superior design, fit, and manufacturing quality. By maintaining consistency in the production process, using the same natural raw materials sourced from specific farms, and collaborating with skilled spinners, weavers, dyers, knitters, and garment makers, Community Clothing ensures exceptional quality in their products.

One of the key aspects of Community Clothing’s approach is its long-term partnerships with UK factories. By working closely with these factories, the brand creates products that are simple and efficient to manufacture. This not only ensures the highest quality but also helps in keeping the costs low. The brand adopts a minimalist design philosophy, avoiding unnecessary features that would drive up the cost and strives to use the fewest different fabrics across their product ranges.

In addition to focusing on quality and affordability, Community Clothing is committed to sustainability. Unlike traditional fashion brands that constantly introduce new collections, Community Clothing follows a different model. By avoiding seasonal collections and weekly drops, the brand minimizes fabric waste and reduces the number of unsold garments. This approach not only saves money but also has a positive environmental impact by reducing landfill waste and avoiding incineration.

While Community Clothing maintains a consistent approach, they are constantly seeking ways to improve their products and processes. They explore ways to extend the lifespan of their garments, reduce their environmental footprint, and increase the local sourcing of their supply chain. The brand has also expressed interest in exploring regenerative farming practices and growing fibers within the UK.

Community Clothing’s mission is to offer great everyday clothes at affordable prices, without following transient fashion trends. They aim to provide customers with timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for years, while also supporting local industries and minimizing their environmental impact. Through their innovative and sustainable approach, Community Clothing has gained recognition as a brand that combines style, quality, affordability, and social responsibility.

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Community Clothing manufacture their products in Blackburn.



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