Christys’ Hats

Founded 1773

Christys’ Hats is the “Godfather of British hat making”, they make high-quality hats and headwear for both men and women.

Christys’ Hats History

Miller Christy starts his apprenticeship in felt-making in 1763 and travels to London in 1773 to set up a hat-making business. The company expands to become one of the largest manufacturers of the iconic British bowler hat and gains royal patronage from Prince Albert, who popularises the top hat. Christys’ trademark with the Royal Garter is registered in 1876.

The company consolidates with other hat brands and moves its operations to Witney in the 1990s. In 2011, Liberty acquires Christy & Co and Compton Webb, and in 2019, the company signs exclusive licensing deals with sports icons.

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Style and Occasion
Christys’ Hats


Where do Christys’ Hats manufacture?

Christys’ Hats manufacture their products in Oxfordshire.



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