Campbell's of Beauly

Founded 1858

A Scottish heritage brand established in 1858, specialising in high-quality traditional clothing, tweed fabrics, and fishing equipment. Their products are renowned for their durability, style, and authenticity, reflecting the local culture.

Campbell's of Beauly History

Campbell’s of Beauly is a Scottish brand that traces its origins back to 1858 when John Campbell opened a small draper’s shop in Beauly, a village in the Scottish Highlands. The business initially catered to the local community, providing essential clothing and fabrics for the harsh Highland weather.

Over the years, the business grew, and the company expanded its product range to include bespoke tweed clothing, outdoor clothing, and fishing equipment. In the early 1900s, Campbell’s of Beauly established a reputation for producing high-quality tweed fabrics that reflected the local landscape and culture.

During World War II, the company played an essential role in the war effort by producing materials for the army, including camouflage fabric. In the post-war period, the company continued to thrive, supplying tweed fabrics and clothing to the aristocracy, country sports enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, Campbell’s of Beauly is a world-renowned brand that remains true to its heritage, offering a wide range of traditional clothing, tweed fabrics, and fishing equipment, all reflecting the Scottish culture and traditions.

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Campbell's of Beauly


Where do Campbell's of Beauly manufacture?

Campbell's of Beauly manufacture their products in Beauly, Scotland.



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