Berties of Bay

Founded 2016

Berties of Bay is a heritage clothing brand based in Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire. They specialise in creating and selling unique garments inspired by the local coastal history.

Berties of Bay History

Matthew, who had a deep passion for the local heritage of Robin Hood’s Bay, envisioned opening a lifestyle store that would not only sell delightful products with a nostalgic charm but also educate visitors about the rich history of Yorkshire’s beloved coastline.

In 2016, an opportunity presented itself when a small shop halfway down the steep bank in Robin Hood’s Bay became vacant after twenty-two years. With £500 in his pocket, Matthew decided to take a bold leap, leaving behind his corporate career and embarking on what would turn out to be a remarkable journey.

Inspired by his cat’s name, ‘Berties Of Bay’ was established as a haven of unique and wonderful items. Drawing upon his background in garment design and manufacturing, Matthew dedicated himself to creating a range of heritage clothing. Collaborating with historians and engaging with local residents whose families had roots dating back centuries, he breathed new life into significant pieces such as the Fishermen’s Gansey. By reviving local patterns and ensuring affordability, Matthew aimed to make these garments accessible to all. To delve deeper into this fascinating process, you can explore our blog posts.

Since its inception, Berties Of Bay has experienced rapid growth and transformed into a beloved Heritage Clothing Brand. Its garments have made their way to diverse locations, from movie sets in the Arctic Circle to enthusiastic customers in China, thanks to the increasing number of website visitors and social media followers.

Four years later, Berties Of Bay has relocated to a larger store in the heart of the village. This move has provided Matthew with the space to continue revitalizing more fabulous products and allows the brand to flourish.

Matthew warmly expresses, “We invite all of you to visit us as customers and return year after year as friends.”

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Berties of Bay


Where do Berties of Bay manufacture?

Berties of Bay manufacture their products in North Yorkshire.



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