Founded 1961

Berk Cashmere is a family business established in 1961 by David Berk, which is known globally for its luxurious cashmere products. All of Berk’s cashmere products are handmade by skilled artisans in Scotland using Scottish spun cashmere.

Berk History

Berk Cashmere was established in 1961 by David Berk. Today we are still a family business and a “British Institution” recognised the world over for understated style, elegance and our status as connoisseurs of the finest cashmere. Without exception, all Berk cashmere is hand-made in Scotland by skilled artisans with decades of experience.

We offer timeless pieces in the very best and most luxurious fabric; Scottish spun cashmere. We knit our cashmere tightly in time-honoured fashion, hand link it and wash and steam it in pH neutral purified water which produces the unique touch and feel of bare finished cashmere.

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Style and Occasion

England and Scotland

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