Bennett Winch

Founded 2014

Bennett Winch handcrafts and sells accessories in England, emphasising traditional craftsmanship and minimalist design. Their product range is tailored for those who value quality and simplicity in a contemporary lifestyle.

Bennett Winch History

Bennett Winch is a brand distinguished by its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Each product is meticulously handmade in England, utilising traditional skills and materials to engineer accessories tailored for the contemporary world. The focus is on catering to discerning minimalists who prioritise genuine quality and simplicity.

The brand’s unique approach centres on creating products driven by soul and purpose, rather than following seasonal trends. Bennett Winch is dedicated to timeless quality, evidenced by the lifetime guarantee on all products crafted in their two workshops in England. The brand values the art of fixing things, emphasising longevity over disposability.

Operating with a skeleton crew of dedicated individuals, Bennett Winch is characterised by a hands-on approach. The team is involved in every aspect, from design and production to testing, marketing, and beyond. The brand embodies a commitment to creativity, viewing it as the driving force that conquers all in the relentless pursuit of good adventure.

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Bennett Winch


Where do Bennett Winch manufacture?

Bennett Winch manufacture their products in England.



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