Barnwell Footwear

Founded 2021

Barnwell Footwear, with 40 years experience, specialises in crafting handmade moccasin slippers using sustainably sourced materials in their Northamptonshire workshop.

Barnwell Footwear History

The origins of Barnwell Footwear can be traced back to a shared vision between a father and son during the challenging times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Their goal was to establish a brand that revitalizes the shoe making industry by reintroducing tradition, quality, and a personalized approach.

Every component used in Barnwell Footwear, ranging from threads to soles, is carefully and sustainably sourced within the United Kingdom. These materials are then skillfully cut, sewn, and finished at our workshop located in Northamptonshire. This region holds a rich heritage in shoe manufacturing, having been renowned for producing shoes for nearly 900 years.

Benefitting from a combined experience of over 50 years in the trade and being based in the historical hub of shoe making, we take immense pride in crafting the finest handmade moccasin slippers available.

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Barnwell Footwear


Where do Barnwell Footwear manufacture?

Barnwell Footwear manufacture their products in Kettering, Northamptonshire.



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