Founded 2017

Awling specialise in crafting exquisite leather goods, mostly belts, in England.

Awling History

At Awling, our story began with a simple desire for well-made belts. We searched for belts crafted by experienced hands, with thoughtful designs that were both functional and unique. But to our disappointment, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands.

In 2017, Awling was born out of a passion for creating truly exceptional belts. We believe in curating a wardrobe that reflects our values—choosing items we love and that stand the test of time. Our journey towards wardrobe clarity has been liberating, allowing us to let go of uninspiring pieces and build a collection of items that bring us joy and serve us well.

Drawing inspiration from our love for architecture, we understand the power of thoughtful design in enriching our lives. As an architectural photographer, we have developed an eye for detail and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. This perspective led us to question the objects we bring into our lives, including the belts we wear. We believe that every item should be thoughtfully designed and well-made, and belts are no exception.

We see belts as more than just functional accessories. They have the potential to enhance an outfit, adding texture, color, and form. Choosing a belt should be a gratifying experience, akin to selecting a beautifully crafted pair of shoes. That’s why we set out to create belts that are as remarkable as the rest of our wardrobe.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond belts. We have expanded our offerings to include a range of accessories, applying the same dedication to craftsmanship and durability that defines our brand.

Explore our collection of belts and discover the meticulous design nuances of each piece, all crafted right here in England. And now, we invite you to discover our new line of Awling accessories, designed to accompany you on your everyday adventures.

At Awling, we are passionate about delivering quality, meaning, and functionality in every item we create. Join us on our journey and experience the best of British craftsmanship.

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Where do Awling manufacture?

Awling manufacture their products in England.



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