Arbon Socks

Founded 2018

Arbon Socks creates and sells high-quality British-made alpaca and wool socks, produced in the UK.

Arbon Socks History

Arbon Socks, a Frome-based small business in Somerset, acquired the sock division of Arbon Textiles in February 2018. Our focus is on crafting and offering high-quality British-made luxury alpaca and wool socks.

Additionally, we operate Town End Yarns, specializing in the production of alpaca and wool knitting yarns using the same fibers found in our socks.

Our socks are exclusively knitted in the UK, spanning from the Midlands to the Scottish Highlands, by small, traditional family enterprises. The materials we use include alpaca and various British wools, such as Exmoor Blueface (a cross between Exmoor Horn and Blue Faced Leicester), Bluefaced Leicester sourced from Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales, as well as Falklands Corriedale and Merino wools. Our diverse range includes vibrant everyday socks, warm and comfortable walking socks, durable country socks, and the coziest bed socks.

Over the past few years, Sock HQ has transitioned from Exmoor to The Lake District and is now situated in Somerset. From our current location, we manage order dispatch, sock design, and collaborate with our spinners, dyers, and knitters.

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Arbon Socks


Where do Arbon Socks manufacture?

Arbon Socks manufacture their products in Midlands to the Scottish Highlands.



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