Albert Thurston

Founded 1820

Albert Thurston is a British company known for manufacturing and selling high-quality men’s braces.

Albert Thurston History

Albert Thurston is a well-known British company that has been manufacturing high-quality men’s accessories since the 1820s. The history of Albert Thurston begins with the company’s founder, Albert Thurston, who was born in 1819 in Whitechapel, London.

In 1820, when Albert was just a year old, his father, Joseph Thurston, established the company as a manufacturer of braces, also known as suspenders. Joseph recognized the need for durable and reliable braces and set out to create the finest products in the market.

As Albert grew older, he became involved in his father’s business and quickly developed a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail. Under his guidance, Albert Thurston expanded its product line to include other accessories such as belts, waistcoats, and collar stays, all of which were meticulously handcrafted.

In 1851, Albert Thurston gained significant recognition at the Great Exhibition held in London’s Crystal Palace. The exhibition showcased the best innovations and craftsmanship of the time, and Albert Thurston’s products garnered praise for their exceptional quality and design. This success propelled the company to new heights and established its reputation as a leader in the men’s accessories industry.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Albert Thurston continued to innovate and refine its products. The company introduced new designs, improved materials, and expanded its distribution networks. Albert Thurston’s accessories became synonymous with elegance and style, attracting customers from all over the world, including royalty, celebrities, and influential figures.

One of the most notable achievements of Albert Thurston was the invention of the modern brace button fastening system. Before this innovation, braces were attached to trousers using buttons sewn into the waistband. However, Albert Thurston’s invention introduced a metal fastening system that allowed the braces to be easily attached and detached, providing both convenience and comfort.

Over the years, Albert Thurston maintained its commitment to traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that each accessory was handmade with the utmost care. The company’s dedication to quality and attention to detail earned it a Royal Warrant in 1982, as a supplier of braces to the Prince of Wales.

In the late 20th century, Albert Thurston faced challenges as the fashion industry evolved and trends shifted. However, the company persevered, staying true to its heritage while adapting to the changing market demands. Albert Thurston continued to produce exceptional men’s accessories, balancing timeless designs with contemporary aesthetics.

Today, Albert Thurston remains a prestigious brand in the world of men’s accessories. The company’s products, including braces, belts, and other sartorial accessories, are still handcrafted using traditional techniques, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Albert Thurston’s rich history, commitment to craftsmanship, and timeless designs have solidified its position as an iconic name in the industry, beloved by discerning gentlemen worldwide.

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Albert Thurston manufacture their products in England.



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