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About the company Barnwell Footwear, with 40 years experience, specialises in crafting handmade moccasin slippers using sustainably sourced materials in their Northamptonshire workshop. Est. 2021 Read more Website Price Range: £
About the company Benson & Clegg is a bespoke tailors and gentlemen's outfitters located at Jermyn Street in London. Benson & Clegg create luxury cufflinks, neckwear, badges and our famous hand crafted blazer buttons. Est. 1937 Read more Website Price Range: £££
About the company Berk Cashmere is a family business established in 1961 by David Berk, which is known globally for its luxurious cashmere products. All of Berk's cashmere products are handmade by skilled artisans in Scotland using Scottish spun cashmere. Est. 1961 Read more Website Price Range: £££
About the company Bowhill & Elliott is a family-owned shoemaking business known for their high-quality footwear, especially their traditional albert slippers, they have a history of over 145 years. Est. 1874 Read more Website Price Range: ££
About the company Broadland Slippers, with over 150 years of experience, handcrafts premium slippers in Norwich using traditional techniques and the finest materials. They offer a variety of velvet slippers with intricate hand-embroidered motifs. Read more Website Price Range: ££



About the company Draper of Glastonbury is a family-run business since 1937. They specialise in handmade sheepskin products such as boots, slippers, and jackets. The company's products are made from high-quality materials. Est. 1937 Read more Website Price Range: ££



About the company New & Lingwood is a British brand known for its bespoke tailoring and luxury menswear. Founded in 1865, the brand has a rich history and has dressed notable figures such as Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde. Est. 1865 Read more Website Price Range: £££ Partially manufactured in Britain


About the company A British footwear brand that sells high-quality handmade shoes and boots, known for their durability and classic design. Est. 1829 Read more Website Price Range: ££
British-made men's slippers are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and use of premium materials. Skilled artisans dedicate their expertise to creating a variety of slipper styles that prioritize both comfort and style.

In our directory of brands and companies, you'll find a diverse selection of men's slippers, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. From cozy moccasin-style slippers to sophisticated leather options, British-made slippers offer a luxurious and comfortable experience for your feet. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and long-lasting wear.

Whether you prefer traditional designs or more contemporary styles, British-made slippers cater to a variety of preferences. You can discover slippers with soft linings, cushioned insoles, and sturdy soles designed for indoor and occasional outdoor use. Each pair is crafted with care, ensuring the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

By choosing British-made men's slippers, you not only treat your feet to unmatched comfort but also support British businesses and contribute to the preservation of the esteemed heritage of British manufacturing.
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