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About the company New & Lingwood is a British brand known for its bespoke tailoring and luxury menswear. Founded in 1865, the brand has a rich history and has dressed notable figures such as Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde. Est. 1865 Read more Website Price Range: £££ Partially manufactured in Britain
If you're searching for high-quality men's dressing gowns made in Britain, our directory is the perfect resource. We feature a curated list of notable brands and companies that design and manufacture their fashion products in the UK.

From luxurious silk robes to cozy cotton dressing gowns, our directory offers a range of styles to suit different preferences and occasions. British-made dressing gowns are renowned for their attention to detail, use of fine fabrics, and exquisite craftsmanship.

By choosing a British-made men's dressing gown, you're investing in a product that combines style, comfort, and durability. These dressing gowns are made with meticulous care and often feature locally sourced materials. Additionally, by supporting these brands, you contribute to the preservation of British manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Explore our directory of British-made men's dressing gown brands and companies to find the perfect robe that matches your style and preferences. Although we don't provide images of specific dressing gowns, our comprehensive list of brands will help you discover the right options for your needs.
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